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Syracuse University Libraries

Falk Dataset Resources LibGuide

A comprehensive LibGuide serving as a resource for Falk research faculty, containing information on subject experts, previously used research datasets, and contact information.


The Falk Dataset Resources LibGuide is a collaboration between the Falk College Research Center and SU Libraries. This guide serves as a resource for Syracuse University faculty looking to engage with Falk research projects, faculty, or datasets. Datasets are organized into three categories based on method used by the researcher to obtain the data, as well as availability of the data to the public. These categories include secondary data, primary data, and public data. The profile of each Falk researcher can be accessed by clicking directly on their name, allowing individuals to visit their information page and access their contact information. For those seeking further assistance with the Falk Dataset Resources LibGuide, please contact Kathryn Gratien, Research Operations Specialist at the Falk College Research Center.