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Whitman Information Literacy Skills Certificate

Get IMPRESS points by completing.

How to Earn the Certificate

Welcome, Whitman IMPRESS students! To earn this certificate, you will take online self-paced tutorial modules that will introduce you to key information literacy skills and library resources. The skills you will learn connect to Syracuse University's Shared Competencies of Information Literacy and Technological Agility and Critical and Creative Thinking. You will earn points for your IMPRESS house by successfully completing individual modules. If you successfully complete and earn the full certificate, you could earn up to 500 points for your house.

To earn this certificate:

1. Complete the pre-assessment

2. Complete all seven modules:

  • Module 1: Identifying Bias and Misinformation
  • Module 2: Types of Sources
  • Module 3: Evaluating Information
  • Module 4: Research as Process
  • Module 5: Search Basics, Part 1
  • Module 6: Search Basics, Part 2
  • Module 7: Syracuse Libraries Resources

3. Complete the post-assessment

Each module will take approximately 30 to 60 minutes to complete. We recommend pacing yourself by completing up to two modules per week. You will earn 50 IMPRESS points for completing the pre-assessment prior to starting the modules. You will earn 50 IMPRESS points for each module you successfully complete. After you have completed the pre-assessment and all seven modules, you will be eligible to take the post-assessment. When you complete the post-assessment, you will receive an additional 100 IMPRESS points. The deadline for completing this certificate (pre-assessment, each of the seven modules, and the post-assessment) is December 11, 2023.

Although you are earning points on behalf of your house, the work you do to complete each tutorial module and earn the certificate should be done on your own, independently. Syracuse University, the Whitman School of Management, and Syracuse University Libraries expects all students to adhere to the Academic Integrity Policy in all their studies and academic work.

Note: When you begin working on this certificate for the FIRST time you will be prompted to fill out a form with your name and email address. In the drop down box for Program, select IMPRESS. In the form field for Professor's Last Name, enter your IMPRESS House name. Once you enter this information, it will be remembered each time you come back to work on the certificate, if you are using the same device and browser as the one you used for the certificate initially. An image showing the form and field prompts is below:

Screenshot of registration form

If you encounter technical difficulties with any of the modules, please contact Kelly Delevan, Information Literacy Librarian at