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Syracuse University Libraries

Resources for Online and Distance Students

Learn how to access SU Libraries resources, services, and support when you're away from campus and make the most of your online learning

Accessing Online Resources @ SU Libraries

Even though you might not be able to visit Syracuse University Libraries in person, many—if not most—of our resources and services are available to online and distance students. 

Borrowing Items from SU Libraries

In addition to accessing online and electronic resources via Syracuse University Libraries, it may be possible to borrow or access resources that are physically located at Syracuse University Libraries: 

Accessibility, Inclusion & SU Libraries

Syracuse University Libraries are committed to providing all SU students, faculty and staff equitable access to the library resources and services they require for their academic and research needs even during this quarantine period. Learn about the resources, services, and specific tools that SU Libraries offers to further inclusion and accessibility. If you have any questions related to issues of inclusion and accessibility at Syracuse University, please contact us at

Finding Resources Beyond SU Libraries

If you're looking for a resource or item that's not available via Syracuse University Libraries, there may be other options for you to access the resources that you need: