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Syracuse University Libraries

French Language and Literature: Home

This guide outlines key resources and strategies for searching French language and literature at the Syracuse University Libraries

Classification of Library Resources

French language and literature materials are organized in the following manner:

History and Criticism:

PQ1-150             General

PQ151-221      Medieval

PQ226-307      Modern

PQ400-491      Poetry

PQ500-591      Drama

PQ601-771      Prose and Prose Fiction

PQ781-841      Folk Literature



PQ1101-1141     General

PQ1161-1193     Poetry

PQ1211-1241     Drama

PQ1243-1297     Prose


Old French Literature (to ca. 1500-1550):

PQ1300-1391  Collections


Individual Authors and Works:

PQ1411-1545  1350AD-1400AD

PQ1551-1595  1400AD-ca. 1525AD


Modern Literature Individual Authors:

PQ1600-1709  Sixteenth Century

PQ1710-1935  Seventeenth Century

PQ1947-2147  Eighteenth Century

PQ2149-2551  Nineteenth Century

PQ2600-2651  Twentieth Century

PQ3801-3999  Provincial, Local, Colonial


Other Library Holdings (Dewey Decimal):

840      Literature of Romance Languages

841      French Poetry

842      French Drama

843      French Fiction

844      French Essays

845      French Speeches

846      French Letters

847      French Satire and Humor

848      French Miscellaneous Writings

849      Provençal and Catalan

Recent Acquisitions

French Department Link


SURFACE is an online repository of scholarly output from Syracuse University.  Here you can find articles, presentations, and other materials from the French Department.

Faculty Publications

Hope Gliddon book cover

Hope Glidden


Jean Jonassaint book cover

Jean Jonassaint


Amy Wyngaard book cover

Amy Wyngaard