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Research Data Services: Qualtrics

Online Research Tools

Researchers may find the following tools useful in their work. Emphasis is given to free (or at least having free components) and online tools or services.

Electronic Lab Notebooks:


  • ELN at Harvard Medical School - The Electronic Lab Notebook Matrix has been created to aid researchers in the process of identifying a usable Electronic Lab Notebook solutions to meet their specific research needs. Through this resource, researchers can compare and contrast the numerous solutions available today, and also explore individual options in-depth.
  • RSpace - An ELN for researchers to organize, manage and collaborate on their projects.
  • Docollab - Project management system, collaboration.
  • Benchling - Life Sciences focused experiment, lab and project management.

Data Analysis/Visualization:

  • TableauPublic - Free version of their desktop and online data visualization platform. All data uploaded to TableauPublic is available to everyone on the Internet. The paid versions allow restricted access.
  • StatCrunch - Simple online data analysis and survey package.
  • Dataviz - Data visualization for time, geographic and comparative data.
  • OpenRefine - Data cleaning and exploration tool.

Directories of Research Tools:


The Qualtrics online survey platform is available to all Syracuse University students, faculty and staff.  The platform may be accessed at . Be sure to use this link so you will be able to use all the features available. If you need help using Qualtrics, please contact Research Data Services at

The video tutorials below will help you learn the basics of the most commonly used features of Qualtrics. Please be sure to also watch our Data Training tutorials as well.


Accessibility Issues in Qualtrics

The university has become aware that many surveys administered in Qualtrics, both on- and off-camous, do not meet accessibility standards. All survey creators are reminded that it is incumbent upon them to ensure that their surveys meet accessibility guidelines. Please be sure to familiarize yourself with the guidelines set forth in Accessibility Guide For Qualtrics Survey Creators before starting your survey.


Special Topics in Qualtrics

Please note that the guides below assume you have some familiarity with Qualtrics. If you have never used Qualtrics, you should watch the Qualtrics Workshops series of videos.

Authenticating Respondents in Qualtrics - This guide will take you through the steps to authenticate respondents using SSO/Shibboleth and using a contact list.

Generating Consecutive Counts in Qualtrics - These instructions are for generating consecutive numbers or counts of respondents in Qualtrics. One example for needing to do this is if you distribute your survey via an anonymous link and must generate userids “on the fly” so your respondents can use that ID in another application.

Conducting Repeated Measures Surveys in Qualtrics - These instructions will show you how to create repeated measures surveys in Qualtrics.

"Nested Loops" in Qualtrics - These instructions will demonstrate how to mimic nested loops using the Loop and Merge function

Approval Workflows in Qualtrics - We sometimes need to use Qualtrics to gather information from one person and pass it on to another for review and/or approval. This can be a request for travel funds, evaluation of a person or program, or any other situation where ore than one person needs to add information to the same survey form.

Qualtrics Tutorials

Be sure to check out our Data Training series of tutorials as well!



Planning Your Qualtrics Survey

This is the first module of the Qualtrics Tips and Tricks series. In this module we discuss how to plan your survey in Qualtrics.

Supplementary Materials:


Documenting and Backing Up Your Qualtrics Survey

This module shows you how and why you can document and back up your Qualtrics survey.

Supplementary Materials:


Variables and Values

This video shows you how to name your variables and edit the individual values to make processing and analysis easier.

Supplementary Materials:

These videos are recordings of a series of Qualtrics webinars that were delivered in October and November of 2023.


Before You Start - The first in our series of Qualtrics Workshops where we introduce the main sections of Qualtrics, discuss accessibility. and look at the various survey options for how your survey looks and works.


Creating Questions - In this class we will examine the many different types of questions available in Qualtrics, learn how and why to change the default values, labels and variable names, as well as how to do some basic questions validation.


Question and Answer Customization - In this class we learn about Carry Forward and Piped Text


Question Order - In this class we examine ways of displaying or skipping questions and responses, randomizing the order of questions and responses, and doing "loop and merge" to repeat sets of questions.



Survey Flow - This class will explore the many uses of Survey Flow - randomizing respondents, creating embedded data, customizing the end of your survey and more.


Distributing Your Survey - Now we will discuss the various methods of getting your survey to your respondents, creating and using contact lists.

Data and Reporting - Why do all of that work if you aren’t going to analyze the data? In this last class we will learn how to do some basic reporting in Qualtrics, export your data to Excel or SPSS.


In addition to the tutorials below, Qualtrics has a help page on Minimizing Personal Data Collection and Use in Qualtrics

Anonymity In Qualtrics: Introduction

This is the first of three videos on anonymity in Qualtrics. This video discusses the various levels of anonymity in
Qualtrics and what you need to be aware of before you start building your survey.

Supplementary Materials:



Anonymity In Qualtrics: How-to

This video shows you how to set various options for protecting your respondents' privacy as well as what the resulting data will look like.

Supplementary Materials:


Anonymity In Qualtrics: Voluntary Contact Information

This video shows you how to set various options for protecting your respondents' privacy as well as what the resulting data will look like.

Supplementary Materials:


Experimental Design in Qualtrics

In this module we learn how to implement an experimental design in Qualtrics.

Supplementary Materials:


Basic Testing in Qualtrics

This tutorial covers how to administer basic tests in Qualtrics.

Supplementary Materials:



Repeat Testing in Qualtrics

This tutorial will show you how to set up automatic repeat testing in Qualtrics. This tutorial assumes you have watched the Testing in Qualtrics video.

Supplementary Materials:




Assigning Coupon Codes and Username/Password Pairs

This video demonstrates how to assign coupon codes or username/password pairs to respondents in Qualtrics. The codes or pairs are often provided as lists or spreadsheet files and you will need to get them to your respondents. This method requires using Google Sheets, so you must have a Google account for this to work.

Supplementary Materials: