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Syracuse University Libraries

Music Performance & Pedagogy: Keyboard: Call Number Guide

Piano Scores

Solo Piano

  • M22 General solo piano collections
  • M23 Sonatas, alphabetical by composer
  • M24 Suites
  • M27 Variations
  • M32-39 Arrangements & transcriptions
  • M1378-M1380 Music for children

Chamber Works

  • M200-M204 Piano, four hands
  • M207-M213 Arrangements for piano, four hands
  • M214-M216 Two or more pianos
  • M217-M285 Piano and one other instrument
  • M310-M344 Piano and two other instruments
  • (M310-M314)    Piano trios
  • M410-M449 Piano and three other instruments
  • M510-M549  Piano and four other instruments

Solo Piano with Ensemble

  • M1010 Piano with orchestra
  • M1011 Piano with orchestra (2-piano reduction)
  • M1110 Piano with string orchestra
  • M1111 Piano with string orchestra (2-piano reduction)

Organ Scores

Solo Organ

  • M6-M19 General works or collections

Chamber Works

  • M180-M181 One or more organs, two or more players
  • M182-M195 Organ and one other instrument
  • M300-M309 Organ and two other instruments
  • M400-M409 Organ and three other instruments
  • [for organ and 4,5,6,7, or 8 instruments see M500-M509, M600-M609, etc.] 
  • M1005-M1006 Organ concertos [orch. or keyboard acc.]
  • M1108-M1109 Organ concertos [string orch. or keyboard acc.]


ML Music Literature

  • ML650-ML747 General: history and construction; music and playing

MT Music Teaching

  • MT130-MT145 Analytical guides to piano music
  • MT220-MT258 Piano techniques (including teaching materials)
  • MT745-MT758 Instruction and study for children