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Syracuse University Libraries

French Language and Literature: Translingual (FRE 400/600)

This guide outlines key resources and strategies for searching French language and literature at the Syracuse University Libraries

Literary Databases

Ethnic Studies

When researching topics related to ethnicity, look for sources on cultural studies especially ones that are comparative in nature. One  such source is Comparative Studies in Society & History. 

Feminist / Gender Criticism

Select sources which enable you to examine patterns of thought, behavior, roles and power between the sexes.

Race Theory

The Purdue source noted above identifies major theorists. Consider perceptions of race in the original work being studied. Look for resources that provide a broad overview of the time, place; society at large to explore context and gain insight on the issues. 


Psychoanalytic Resources

PEP Web Archive

A source to research archetypal criticism. 

Access available to full text until three years before the current date. PEP Web provides access to the PEP Web archive, which contains both books and journal articles. The book archive includes the full text of the Standard Edition of the Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud, Freud's letters to his major collaborators and the full text of the major works by Wilfred Bion, Melanie Klein and Donald Winnicott along with other major psychoanalytic authors. The journals in the archive presently include the full text many premier English-language journals in psychoanalysis.

Important Tools

The Texts

Begin your research using the literary databases. However, valuable information can often be found in tangential resourses, see specifics below.

Julien Green

Historical Criticism could be used to learn about the Civil War and how Green uses the topic in Sud. Searching could include looking both at the author and his work in a targeted database like below. It could also include more broadly researching the Civil War and the locale of the work. 


Jack Kerouac
Samuel Beckett

Consider all aspects of Franketienne's work when doing research including his art, political influence, etc.


Nancy Huston
Marjane Satrapi
Atiq Rahimi