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U.S. Census: Other Sources

Sources, information and How-To's regarding the United States Census - the Bureau and its programs.

Custom Data Search

This Google Custom search engine performs a search on websites that have been evaluated for their usefulness in providing data and statistics. Results will open in a new window.

Other Sources

The sites below have current, and in some cases, historical census data. PolicyMap and Proquest also have data from other government agencies.


  • StatsAmerica - Current data from the Census, BLS, BEA and other agenices
  • Social Explorer - Data and maps from the Decennial Census back to 1790 and the American Community Survey back to 2006. See our SocialExplorer tutorial.
  • DataPlanet Statistical Datasets - Census and other data, with ability to create tables and maps. See our Data-Planet tutorial
  • PolicyMap - Census and other data, with ability to create tables and maps.
  • Geolytics CDs - Decennial Census back to 1970
  • IPUMS - The Integrated Public Use Microdata Series (IPUMS-USA) consists of more than fifty high-precision samples of the American population drawn from fifteen federal censuses and from the American Community Surveys of 2000-2010.
  • Census Scope - Charts, maps and rankings back to 1980
  • Census IRE - Easy-to-use data browser
  • ePodunk - General information about communities in the U.S.


Numeric Data Resources

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