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Sources, information and How-To's regarding the United States Census - the Bureau and its programs.

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Census Basics


The United States Census Bureau collects a vast amount of information on the residents and businesses of the United States. Finding the exact information you need can often be a daunting endeavor simply due to how much information is available. Here we try to make this task a little easier.


This guide is divided in three main sections:



We also have a page with Help and How-to files.

Although, the Census Bureau web site, and in particular, American FactFinder, is the definitive source for census data, there are other web sites and products that provide census and related data in a sometimes easier to use format.  These include:

  • Census Academy - Videos, webinars and other tutorials on using Census data
  • DataUSA - Visualizations, Maps and narratives of US public data.
  • Social Explorer - Census and other data back to 1790.
  • Data-Planet Statistical Datasets - Census, social, economic and international data with basic charting and mapping capability.
  • TRF PolicyMap - Census and other social and economic data with mapping capability
  • SimplyAnalytics - Census and marketing data with mapping capability
  • Proquest Statistical Insight - Searchable database of governmental statistical reports
  • Hard to Count 2020 - The goal of this map is to highlight the areas of the country that are hardest to count, and to  make sure these hard-to-count areas & populations are fully counted to help ensure a fair and accurate census.


Please note that data for school districts are available from the National Center for Education Statistics' School District Demographics System.

Then Census Bureau also produces many publications in their Publications and Newsroom sections.

New York Resesarch Data Center

Syracuse University Libraries, in conjunction with The Maxwell School Of Citizenship and the Office of the Vice President for Research, provides access to restricted data from the U.S. Census Bureau, the Bureau of Labor Statistics and and the National Center for Health Statistics. These data are available through our membership in the New York Research Data Center, part of the Federal Statistical Research Data Center Network.

The Research Data Center (RDC), located at the Cornell Center for Social Sciences, provides access to restricted microdata for statistical purposes only. Some data may be available through secure network services, other data is available only by going to the secure data lab at Cornell Restricted Access Data Center .

 All proposals must be submitted through the Center for Policy Research at Maxwell. Gaining access to the data is a lengthy process, so researchers are advised to begin early.

Numeric Data Resources

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