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Expressive Media Film Library: Home

How to register and navigate Expressive Media Film Library

Expressive Media Film Library

UPDATE: March 28, 2024 - content will be available through  - no unique login required

Access available to all current Syracuse University NETID holders, with email addresses.  Registration is required.

About:  Streaming videos related to arts therapy, including resources related to art, dance, drama and movement.

Restrictions of use are posted on the Expressive Media Film Library site and in Terms and Conditions

Registration Instructions

To register for an Expressive Media Film Library account and associate your account with Syracuse University Libraries:

  1. Go to the registration page, login via EZproxy with your NETID and password, authentication is required both on and off-campus to access the page.
  2. Under "Register" create a username and enter your email address.
  3. You should see the message: "Success! You are now a member of Syracuse University." along with a a list titled "Membership Content"
  4. A link to set a new password will be sent to your email - please be sure to check your junk mail.  When setting a password do not use the password associated with your NETID.
  5. Create a password

**New accounts will expire February and you will need to re-register at this timer**

Using Expressive Media Film Library

To view films

  1. From main page click "login/register" in upper right corner
  2. Enter your selected username and password
  3. Successful login will take you to your account dashboard
  4. Select "Film Library" on the top navigation bar - do not use one of the drop down options - click "Film Library"

**To note: do not "leave institution" under membership.  If you select this option you' will no longer be associated with the content provided by Syracuse University Libraries.  If this happens please complete the Electronic Resource Problem Report Form indicating you need to be reconnected to the institutional account**

Expressive Media Film Library