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Information Literacy and Technological Agility Shared Competency (ILTA)

This guide offers support for faculty members using or exploring the ILTA Shared Competency

Outcome 4: Use

Definition: Use information sources ethically to address information needs. 

Indicators Exemplary Developing Emergent Not Evident  
4.1 Credits ideas gathered from sources according to relevant citation styles. Accurately credits all sources according to guidelines.   Accurately credits sources according to guidelines with minor inaccuracies (e.g., typos, formatting mistakes).  Credits sources but does not follow the guidelines (e.g., incorrect APA format).   Does not credit sources.  
4.2 Uses sources are accurately and appropriately to document ideas.  Uses sources to elaborate on 
student’s own ideas and cites them accurately and appropriately (e.g., synthesis of student’s own ideas  are evident). 
Sources are paraphrased 
appropriately and cited but little synthesis of student’s own ideas are evident (e.g., excessive use of direct quotes). 
Sources are used inappropriately or 
inaccurately (e.g., paraphrasing without citation, or patchwriting).  
Sources are used with no 
documentation (e.g., verbatim copying without citation).  

Common Artifacts, Activities, and Tools: Citation tutorials; Copyright; Academic integrity; Paying for information when needed; Conflict of interest; Intellectual property; Bibliographies; In-text citations; Source analysis 

Sample Activities for this Outcome