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Information Literacy and Technological Agility Shared Competency (ILTA)

This guide offers support for faculty members using or exploring the ILTA Shared Competency

Information Literacy and Technological Agility (ILTA) Rubric

The Information Literacy and Technological Agility (ILTA) rubric was created by a community of practice with faculty, librarians, and staff from across the University. The rubric articulates what Syracuse University students should know and be able to demonstrate by the time they graduate through six learning outcomes, specific indicators, performance levels, and performance descriptors.

This rubric is intended for institutional-level use in assessing and reflecting on undergraduate student learning. Faculty teaching courses with an Information Literacy and Technological Agility course tag may refer to the learning outcomes when developing course learning objectives, signature assignments, and experiences for students. This rubric will continue to evolve as we collect feedback from faculty who utilize it to analyze student learning. Learn more about how the rubric was created and tested.

To discover activities and evaluation tools to help you and your students engage with the ILTA shared competency, please click on the individual ILTA outcome pages using the left menu and that correspond directly to the ILTA rubric.