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Selecting Diverse Repertoire: Find Diverse Repertoire

Resources and processes for finding and selecting diverse musical repertoire

How Do I Find Diverse Repertoire?

This is a challenging process, as most of our information systems do not tag creators specifically for their demographics or identities. Also, what is considered "diverse" is contextual and can be different for each searcher/consumer of the music.

This page provides search strategies for locating music from creators who are part of one or more of the following groups:

  • LGBT identities
  • women
  • people of color

Locate Lists of Composers/Artists/Works in Books

Lists of musical works are published in books called bibliographies or as part of journal articles. Browse the websites below to find the titles of bibliographies on your desired topic. Then, look up book or article titles in the library catalog Summon, or request on interlibrary loan.

Suggest a Resource!

Find a website or other source that was helpful to your research? Submit it to the Music Librarian below! It will be reviewed and potentially added to this guide. 

More Guides

Check out these additional guides from other music libraries for more links and repertoire lists for specific instrumentation

Searching in the Catalog

When searching in the catalog for repertoire specific subject headings can be used to help locate music by diverse composers:

  • Music by African American composers
  • Music by African American women composers
  • Music by Black composers
  • Music by Jewish composers
  • Music by women composers

 Use the advanced search function in the classic catalog and search with these subjects making sure to choose as a phrase and select subject in the dropdown area box and using quotes around the terms. 

Advanced search for "Music by African American composers" as a phrase and selecting subject from the drop down menu


Select music score from the Type dropdown box.

Advanced search showing selecting music score the type drop down menu


Add your instrumentation to the second search box and browse your results!

Advanced search demonstrating searching for oboe music from African American composers

Locate Lists of Composers/Artists/Works on Websites

Use some of the online and print resources below to identify composers and compositions from diverse identities.

Once you have found the title of a piece of music, look it up in Summon (the SU Libraries catalog) to find a score or a recording. If we do not have it, you can request it through interlibrary loan, or send a purchase request to your music subject librarian Amanda DuBose