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Writing a paper- how to begin


When you write a paper or give a presentation you need to have a topic( thesis topic), and you must reference your sources according to one citation manual.

Generate Keywords for Searching

Take a moment to think about your topic.

Define your topic by asking yourself a set of questions. Turn your topic into a research question (a thesis topic).

Think of words and phrases to use in a search for information regarding your topic. If nothing works, change your search terms to find more specific or more general information. Remember you can always ask for research help from a librarian.

Librararies Search

Journal Locator

The following journals are available:

American Journal of Art Therapy (1990-2002)

American Journal of Dance Therapy

Art Psychotherapy ( 1973-1979)

Art  Therapy Online

Arts in Psychotherapy ( 1980-1994)

Body, Movement &Dance Psychotherapy

Bulletin of Art Therapy (1961-1969)

Exceptional Children

Inscape: The Journal of British Association of Art Therapists (1997-2004)

International Journal of Art Therapy

International Journal of Education & the Arts

Journal of Abnormal Psychology

Journal of Dance Education

Journal of Marriage and the Family

Journal of Personality and Social Psychology

Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity & the Arts

Psychology Today


Research in Dance Education