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Selected Topics in Architecture: Black and African American Architects

These guides suggest specialized resources of interest to students seeking information related to selected diversity topics.

Pioneering Minority Architects

This resource guide was initially created as a topical booklist entitled Race and Diversity which was prepared for the Society of Architectural 

Historians by Barbara Opar, Helena Dean (SAH), Anna Curtis, Hannah Deichler, Dhvani Doshi and Julia Kazubowski. That list can be viewed at :

 Race and Diversity

Histories and Directories

This category of the guide highlights major histories, encyclopedias and directories


Race (Concept)


Book Chapters and Periodical Articles

Online Display

Social justice

As a term, “social justice” is vague and often misunderstood. To become a reality in every part of society – healthcare, education, employment, etc – social justice needs clearly-defined goals. With clear goals, solutions for change and progress are possible. A definition must consider four principles: access, equity, participation, and human rights. (Four Principles of Social Justice | Human Rights Careers)

The resources included in this category include publications which present the issues of social justice as well as potential solutions.

People and Places-- U.S.

African Architects

Race and Society


Case Studies