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WRT 205: Writing, Ethics, and Civic Discourse (Spring 2020): Home

About this Guide

The resources on this guide are intended to help you immerse yourself in your topic and to identify a number of strong, related sources you can work with. It is not exhaustive, but meant as a starting place. If you are still having dificulty finding sources, contact a librarian! You can reach out to Patrick directly or you can get help any time from other SU Libraries staff.

Patrick WIlliams
Humanties Librarian / Digital & Open Scholarship Lead

Reference / Background Sources for Making Connections & Generating Keywords

In-depth subject encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks & guides

Reporting and Documentation on Current Events

Video Resources

Subject & Format Specific Databses

Major Interdisciplanary Databases

SUMMON, the library's cross-database search tool searches over 500 different databases.