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Syracuse University Libraries

WRT 100: The Environment and Society Writing Project # 3 : Home

About this guide

The links on this webpage are meant to help you to identify sources for Writing Assignment #3. It is not exhaustive, and depending on your topic and your argument, you might want to explore further. You can contact me (Patrick) if you have any questions about doing so or to get recommendations based on your interests.

Because the Libraries' buildings are closed, we are limited to our electronic resources (which are vast!), but there also may be some items we simply can't access or use. We also are not able to make use of Interlibrary Loan for physical materials. We must rely on materials that are available in electronic form and are in our collections first and foremost (we can assume that ILL processing will be slowed given library closures worldwide). Despite these limitations, please know that I am available to help you however I can.  My contact information is below.

Finding Ebooks in the SUL Collections

refine search resultsYou can use Summon to locate articles, book chapters, and books available electronically. Start from the Library homepage and enter your search terms. Then, on the search results page, filter by selecting "Full Text Online" under Refine Your Search. You may limit just to ebooks by also selecting "Book/eBook" under Content Type.

This is an enormous database that searches across over 500 databases, so depending on your search terms you may get lots of irrelevant search results. To focus more on the disiplines and publications that are likely to serve as strong sources for your assignments, take a look at the specific subject databases below.

Recommended Databases for Background Information, Schoalry Articles, and Journalistic Sources

Finding Electronic Access to Articles from Citations

If you have only a citation to an article and can't easily locate full text, use one of these methods to locate where we have access.

  • Search the full title of the article in quotes (and possibly the author's last name) in the SUMMON mega database to see where we might have full text.
  • Take the name of the publication, and search the Libraries' Journal Locator to find out if and how we subscribe, then navigate to an the article based on the date and volume information in the citation.

If neither connects you to full text, that would be an opportunity to request the material from ILL.