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Women's History Month: Playwrights

About the Curation

Similar to the music world, female playwrights are not often known for their contributions in the drama department. Hence, this curation presents a list of plays by women writers in our catalog. 


Source Highlight

Featured Play

Rona Munro (b.1959) is a Scottish writer, best known for writing the last serial of the original Doctor Who. Throughout her career, she has not only written plays for television, but for radio broadcasts and theatre as well. 


Her play The Maiden Stone takes place in Northeast Scotland during the nineteenth century, telling stories of multiple families struggling to survive in a harsh world. In a published text accompanying this work, Munro states that her inspiration for the setting of the play comes from her birthplace. Performed in 1995, this play received the Peggy Ramsay Award. 


Use the Drama Online database to check out the rest of her works, as well as browse plays by other women authors!