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Writing a paper- how to begin.

When you write a paper or give a presentation you need to have a topic ( thesis topic), and you must reference your sources according to one citation manual. Remember nothing takes place in a vacuum - keep your research within a context

Generating Keywords for Searching

Take a moment to think about your topic.

Define your topic by asking yourself a set of questions. Turn your topic into a research question (a thesis topic).

Think of words and phrases to use in a search for information regarding your topic. If nothing works, change your search terms to find more specific or more general information. Remember you can always ask for research help from a librarian.

What is a peer reviewd article

What is a peer reviewed article?

When an article is submitted to a peer reviewed journal, the editor after deciding if the article meets the basic requirements for inclusion, sends it to be reviewed by other scholars (the author's peers) within the same field.  These reviewers provide feedback to the editor to reject the paper, accept the paper as is, or accept the paper with author revisions. - Harvard University

Start your serch in Summon

Search options on the left such as peer reviewed articles, select language - Spanish etc.

 Advanced search gives better results, and use key words on each line.


Online Journals

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