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News Engagement 365 Days A Year: A Dozen News Databases That Every SU Student Should Know!

News Databases via SU Libraries

News Engagement Day, held in early October each year, is an initiative by the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass CommunicationFrom Syracuse University Libraries, scroll down to review the Newhouse School Librarian's selective list of....

A Dozen News Databases  That Every SU Student Should Know !

A Dozen News Databases That Every SU Student Should Know!

1. PressReader

 press reader logo

PressReader provides online access to over 5,000 local, regional and international newspapers and magazines from over 100 countries in 60 languages, displayed in their original format and accessible by country, language, or title.  For many articles in this database, an interactive radio feature will recite that text to speech with audio playback of each news story in the original language.


2. Factiva News Pages

Via the "News Pages" link at the top margin of the Factiva database, zoom to the headlines and stories appearing within specific sections of a selection of ten top U.S. newspaper publications  offered as a continuous two to three week rolling archive.  Factiva contains thousands of additional news articles from hundreds of other domestic and international news sources as well.

Factiva database news pages search interface



SCOLA's "World TV Online" offers real time and archival access to international news broadcasts and entertainment programming from over one hundred  different countries in the original languages.  see also SCOLA's "Foreign Text" section for an archive of recently published fully page scanned international newspapers and magazines.

Scola Screenshot



  note:  the live broadcast schedule for SCOLA is in "central time," so add one hour if viewing from a Syracuse (NY) location.  


4. VoxGov

voxgov database homepage

Social media for all three U.S. federal government branches. Access documents like the Congressional Record, hearing transcripts, or press releases, alongside YouTube uploads, Twitter and Facebook posts from agencies and individual officials. Filter search results by date, political party, government branch, committee name, U.S. state, gender, or policy topic.


5. Television News Archive

Vanderbilt Television Archive logo

Television News Archive, based at Vanderbilt University, offers comprehensive indexing for TV news programs across major U.S. broadcast networks.  Via media player software from RealMedia (or 'RealAlternative'), streaming video versions of these current and historical evening news broadcasts are directly available to all SU students, staff and faculty - for NBC (1968 thru present) and CNN (1995 thru pesent).  Other networks do not license streaming rights to Vanderbilt, but the run downs of these reports are comprehensively indexed across many decades present and past.  A fee based short term borrowing of DVD clips reels of video from those other networks is available from Vanderbilt upon request.



6. Alt-PressWatch

Alt Press WAtch Logo

 Alt-PressWatch contains articles from over 210 alternative and independent press sources.



 7. GenderWatch

Genderwatch Logo

GenderWatch includes news sources (also scholarly journal publications) with a focus on coverage of topics pertinent to women's studies, men's studies, transgender communities, and a wide variety of gender studies issues and reporting.


8. AP Newsroom

Extensive collection of contemporary and historical photos, news stories, audio clips and print graphics produced by Associated Press journalists.



9. New York Times

New York Times covers


Visit the SU Libraries New York Times Research Guide for an overview of access points to current and back issue NYT newspaper articles, and options for access to the Digital New York Times


10. Access World News

Newsbank Access World News

Newsbank's database, "Access World News," offers many newspaper articles from thousand of U.S. and international sources. Browse available papers by using the locator map, a "find a topic" menu, or jump into specific titles via shortcuts, special reports or hot topics lists or search across all papers.  A strength of Access World News for digital journalism is it harvests a great many news videos posted to North American TV news station websites, as well as growing collections of reporting via blogs, web-based news, together with media transcripts and hundreds of articles from college & university newspapers.  For SU students looking to ramp up their knowledge of local political leaders or issues (e.g., just what are the latest debates over the future of Interstate 81?), this database is a primary gateway to reporting within current and back issues of the Syracuse Post-Standard newspaper.   Special reports here include candidate specific tracking of coverage of the 2016 U.S. Presidential race.

access world news presidential campaign 2016 special reports menu

Newsbank Source Type list



11. ProQuest News & Newspapers

Proquest News & Newspapers Homepage

One stop search portal for multiple news and newspaper databases: AltPressWatch, Canadian Newsstream, Ethnic Newswatch, Gannett Newsstand, GenderWatch, U.S. Newsstream and International Newsstream. ProQuest Historical Newspapers are also included, with access to the complete seventy year run of the influential Black newspaper, Chicago Defender, and full page scans reaching back to the founding 19th century issues for the Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post.


12. Nexis Uni (formerly known as LexisNexis Academic)

Access more than 15,000 news, business and legal sources from LexisNexis—including U.S. Supreme Court decisions dating back to 1790, together with extensive current and historical U.S. state and federal statutes, published court decisions and regulations. Registering for a free ID and password within the interface is recommended for those looking to take advantage of personalization features such as alerts, saved searches and a collaborative workspace with shared folders and annotated documents. Licensed for SU only. Available to Law School users from SU campus only.

nexis uni user interface