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Syracuse University Libraries

International Relations - Research Guide

A collection of SU Libraries' research starting points for International Relations

A Selection of Electronic Reference Books

Dictionary of Diplomacy[Credo]
Defines the specialized terminology of diplomacy and also includes entries on legal terms, political events, international organizations and major figures who have occupied the diplomatic scene or have written influentially about it over the last half millennium.  

Europa World [Taylor & Francis]
Full text online version of Europa World Year Book, reference book for political and economic information in over 250 countries and territories. Also covers numerous international organizations and features a search engine for generating comparative multinational statistics. 

Oxford Companion to the Politics of the World[Oxford Press]
Provides articles on the people, concepts, and events that have shaped the world. Includes essays on critical issues written by influential figures.

Electronic Reference Books

To the right is a list of some of the electronically available reference books in the field of international relations.  For more, search the CREDOreference or Oxford Reference Online databases. 

Or search the SU Libraries Classic Catalog using an Advanced search, e.g. diplomacy and (dictionary or encyclopedia)