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Experts @ Syracuse Profile Management

Experts@Syracuse Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I do with the content in my weekly digest that says “for approval” or “for validation”?


A: Those who have editor access to a department, school, or college will by default, receive a weekly digest of respective activity. This content will include “for approval” or “for validation”. No action is required on your part to validate/approve items in Experts that you may receive via email in the weekly digest. The validation process is an Experts/Pure workflow option that we have not enabled. We trust that the item is legitimate when added by the faculty member, research staff, students hired to add profiles, etc.

Q: How do I adjust my email settings?


A: You may adjust your email settings as needed. To do so, click into the backend of Pure by clicking “Edit Profile” or “Login to Pure”, and open your profile. Then, click on Email settings to adjust the type and frequency of emails you receive.

Q: I don’t want certain news articles to appear on my profile, how do I edit this?


A:To disclaim press and media mentions please follow our helpful guide.

Q: How do I indicate I am willing to take PhD students and/or talk to media?


A: You can use your Experts@Syracuse profile to indicate if you are willing to accept Ph.D. students. On edit profile screen, select metadata, scroll to the bottom, and within portal details select if you are willing to accept Ph.D. students or not.

You can use the same screen to indicate your willingness to talk to the media. Select “add person expertise”. Then select if you are willing to speak to media and update your selection.

Q: How can I edit my fingerprint?

A: To edit fingerprints, click on edit profile and select fingerprint. From there you may edit by turning off or omitting subjects.

Q: Where are my patents located?


A: Syracuse University patents are included in Experts@Syracuse. You can see them within the research output category.

Q: How can I add an internal grant? 

A: The Grants category is currently set up to automatically populate external grants only. As a workaround, internal grants, such as ‘CUSE grants, can be manually added to the Activities category by selecting Other Activities and then Other.

Q: How do I add creative works to my profile?


A: Please refer to our VPA Experts guide below.

Q: How do I add a profile picture?


A: Please refer to our guide below.

Q: Is there a list of departments, institutes, and centers included in Experts@Syracuse?

A: List of Profiles by Department, Center, Institute