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Syracuse University Libraries

Experts @ Syracuse Profile Management: For Faculty/Staff Adding/Updating Own Profiles

Getting Started

Login to Experts @ Syracuse with your SU NetID or otherwise designated credentials.

Click "Edit Your Profile" on the homepage or "Login to Pure" at the bottom of the homepage to access the backend which includes editing and reporting functions.


For additional assistance, email

Open Access

Open access works can be designated as content about the work is added. There is a field to indicate if the work is open access. The public view will show works as such:

Adding/Editing Personal Information

To add/edit personal information to the profile, (i.e. start date at institution, degrees, photo):                                                                                 

In the upper right, click on your email or the arrow to open the personal information window. 

Select the "Edit Person Profile" button.   

Be sure to add content to all required (indicated with asterisk) fields.                                                                                                                         

When finished, click the blue Save button at the bottom of the window to have the information added.

Other menu options available within this window, are Email/Message Settings, Task Settings, and Trusted Users.

To hide Scopus citation counts and/or h-index, select Portal Profile from the menu option of the personal information window and uncheck the chosen item.



Adding/Editing Research Output or Activities

There are several types of entries that can be added in Experts. For a breakdown of different types of entries and how to fill out the templates, please read the procedure document below.