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Syracuse University Libraries

Experts at Syracuse Profile Management

Getting Started: 10 steps to make your profile robust and visible

Login to Experts @ Syracuse with your SU NetID.

Click "Edit Your Profile" on the homepage or "Login to Pure" at the bottom of the homepage to access the backend of Experts, which is where editing and updating of your profile sections are available.

Metadata section:

This section is for adding personal information including a research bio, ORCID, photo, and webpages.

  1. Click on the Personal tab, then Edit Profile on the private profile view.

  2. Add your ORCID; if you don't have one, you can create one on this part of the page.

  3. Add a photo of yourself*

  4. Add weblinks (e.g. social media page, faculty webpage, website)*

  5. Under Curriculum and Research description, add your bio*

  6. Under keywords, add your research interests.

  7. Click Save at the bottom of the window to save your additions.

      *increase profile visibility

Automated search section:

        8. At the top of the box, there is a checkbox to select if you would like to be notified of new candidates of each automated search tool you enable.

        9. Scroll through the page to see eligible feeds which you can click ON to have that feed automatically populate your profile with publications.

      10. Click Save at the bottom of the window to save your additions.

Content Categories

Research Output: This category includes publications and other types of research outputs. Before adding any research outputs manually, be sure you have added any relevant sources as outlined above. You can also import at the article level from these import sources, perhaps if you just have one article from a source and don't want to add it to your regular feeds. It is also possible to import research outputs from BibTex, OpenAire, or RIS files. 

If you do need to add a work manually, you can do so by selecting from the Research Output menu which will open a box to add the entry. Click Save at the bottom of the box.

Activities: This category includes presentations and services. To add an entry, click on the arrow of the Personal tab and click New under the Activity category. Select from the menu as needed and a box will open to enter the information for that activity.

Prizes: This category includes research awards that are not grants, e.g. Best Research Paper at X Conference. Again, select from the menus to enter the award information.

Press and Media: There is a feed that automatically adds press and media mentions to relevant profiles that match by name, but you can also add mentions manually by selecting from the menus and adding the information.

Open Access

There is a field in the Research Output category which could be selected if the work is published or designated open access in addition to providing a link to the work from SURFACE or subject repository, or journal/publisher location. The citation in the public view will be indicated with this icon:

To learn more about Open Access publishing, visit this SU Libraries guide.



For questions and additional assistance, please email us.