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SEM 100 - Hope Jahren's Lab Girl: Mental Health

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Hope Jahren on Mental Health

"And by luck, stupid luck, or time or chance or Providence or Jesus or who cares, your appointment happens to be at the best hospital in the world and a doctor looks at you hard and he says, 'You don't have to live this way.' And he asks you questions until you've told him everything and he's not horrified or disgusted or even surprised; he says people have this and they manage it...This doctor is so smart and so sure and has seen this so many times that you begin to dare to hope that maybe it's not too late to finally grow into what you were supposed to be." (Lab Girl, p. 146)

SU Libraries: Selected Resources

Going Sane: The State of Mental Health Care in America (Documentary Video)

A series of cracks in the mental health system makes it almost impossible for parents to find good care for their children. We have a multiplicity of treatments available for everything from depression to OCD to psychosis, but what actually works? When filmmaker Josh Sabey's sister was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa, his family provided the best care possible, spent thousands of dollars, but saw no improvement for many years. Sabey became determined to help other families avoid wasting time, money, and lives.

'Going Sane" follows three families seeking the best, evidence-based treatment for mental illness, and introduces leading experts who reveal that patients continue to receive outdated and disproven treatments, often with tragic outcomes. 67 minutes. Off-campus viewers will be prompted for NetID and password.