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Linking to SU Libraries' Online Resources

Learn how to create permanent, sharable, and proxy-friendly links to SU Libraries' online resources

Linking to Docuseek2 Videos

Docuseek2 is an extensive collection of documentary and educational films from dozens of independent distributors.  When on the item record page for a specific documentary one wishes to integrate into one's course, use the embed link to choose from several linking options. Below is an example, using the case of a documentary from Icarus films about student activists in South Africa seeking to improve access to a college education.

  1. Click on the link labeled embed located toward the bottom of the item record for a documentary video of interest
  2. As depicted below, this will open up three options, including a permanent link one can embed, or a full embed code if that is preferred, as well as an LTI embed option, which is a more secure manner some may prefer when embedding Docuseek2 videos into course management systems like Blackboard
  3. For the example documentary below, a cut and paste of this permanent link URL should work for on-campus as well as off-campus video access for all current SU NETID holding students, staff or faculty (  ) - please also note that for instances where Docuseek's permanent URLs contain a URL prefix of http:// - in both places where that appears in the URL, add an "s" to both - resulting in two appearances within the permanent link of https:// - Not doing switching the http:// to https:// will mean some browsers will not be able to view the site.
  4. As also depicted below, one will note that the pop-up window presenting the various embedding options, also links out to Docuseek's own support website providing additional "embedding help



An example of an item record page from the Docuseek 2 database

An example of the pop up menu of options presented for embedding videos located in the Docuseek 2 database