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Linking to SU Libraries' Online Resources

Learn how to create permanent, sharable, and proxy-friendly links to SU Libraries' online resources

Linking to Bloomsbury Fashion Videos

Bloomsbury Fashion Video contains thousands of videos from the YOOX-NET-A-PORTER Runway Archive Collections, and documents the spectacular era in fashion running from 1979 to 2003.   Although this database also offers an option to email specific videos in the collection, a preferred method to insure SU students and faculty have access to this subscription content for a specific video title is to carefully add SU's proxy prefix to the browser URL for that video.  Below is an example, using the case of a Bloomsbury video from a runway show featuring the work of the late designer, Alexander McQueen.

  1. Copy the full URL for the video from the browser window
  2. In this case that example URL is -
  3. Manually add SU's proxy prefix to that URL (
  4. The resulting URL for the title, inclusive of proxy prefix, would then look like this, and should work for on-campus as well as off-campus video access for all current SU NETID holding students, staff or faculty (  )



Example of a video from an Alexander McQueen fashion runway show in the Bloomsbury Fashion Video database