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Linking to SU Libraries' Online Resources

Learn how to create permanent, sharable, and proxy-friendly links to SU Libraries' online resources

DRAM Overview

Database of Recorded American Music, also known as DRAM, is a small collection of CD-quality streaming audio and liner notes from contemporary American composers. Genres covered are classical, folk, opera, native American, jazz, early rock, and musicals. Albums are primarily from the CD catalog of New World Records, which contains the CRI label.

Members of the SU community can search the DRAM catalog and listen to albums or tracks using SU Libraries' subscription. 

Playlists are not currently available with this database. Instead, collect permalinks to post in course websites.

bookmarkable link to access database:

Permalinks & Proxy with DRAM

Album permalink screenshotPermalinks in DRAM are available only at the album level. These permalinks can be bookmarked for use later, or they can be copied and pasted into course websites or other documents.

DRAM permalinks will always need to be adjusted before posting the URL on course websites. Add the prefix before the permalink to ensure off-campus access.

For more information on permalinks and proxy in general, see Permalinks & Proxy 

Permalink to album:

  1. In album window, RIGHT CLICK the permalink icon
  2. Choose "copy link," "copy link location," or "copy shortcut" from the right-click menu (varies depending upon web browser)
  3. Paste URL into desired document (webpage, PDF, etc.)
  4. Adjust URL to go through proxy server by adding the SU Library proxy prefix.