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Syracuse University Libraries

Linking to SU Libraries' Online Resources

Learn how to create permanent, sharable, and proxy-friendly links to SU Libraries' online resources

Naxos for Mobile Devices

Available in iTunes and the Google Play store!

Use the Naxos app to listen to personal & course playlists on your phone or search the Naxos catalog for more tracks. To get started:

  1. ON YOUR PHONE: Download the Naxos application from your phone's app store (iTunes Store & Google Play)
  2. ON YOUR COMPUTER: Create a Naxos student/member playlist account login.
  3. ON YOUR E-MAIL: Confirm the registration e-mail by clicking on the link sent by Naxos
  4. ON YOUR PHONE: Open the app (not the website) and use the Naxos login you just created (not your SU NetID)


  • Find your professor's playlists under "University Playlist"
  • Find your personal playlists under "Student Playlist"
  • Search the full catalog and browse new music using the icons on the bottom of the screen
  • LOG OUT WHEN FINISHED by clicking More -> Log out;  Missing this step means that folders will not update!