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Course Playlists with Naxos



Course administrators and faculty can log in to the course administration portal to create course playlists that are viewable to the entire SU community. Students and users can access these playlists on their computers or mobile devices.

To create and edit course playlists as a course administrator, ask your music librarian for the SU institutional login.

Note: With Naxos, all course administrators for SU are sharing one institutional login. Be courteous and do not edit other course's playlists.

Getting Started with Course Playlists

Login screenshot1. Log in to the Naxos course administration portal or Naxos Jazz course administration portal and use SU Libraries' institutional login (contact your music librarian for the login).

Look for the SUBSCRIBER LOGIN box at the right.

Remember: Do not use the regular portal in the library's database menu for course playlists! Use the course administration portal instead

Playlists link screenshot 2.Click on Playlists to access playlist tabs and folders.

SU Library Playlists tab screenshot 3. Course playlists MUST be placed in the Syracuse University Library Playlists tab in order to be seen by your students


4. Create your own folder, named LastName, First initial. Place all your playlists here.

Refer to folder and playlist best practices for details on folder and playlist naming.

Creating Course Playlists

To create COURSE PLAYLISTS, course administrators should login from the regular Naxos website and use SU Library's institutional login (contact your music librarian for the login).

Select "Playlists" from the grey stripe, then choose the "Syracuse University Library Playlists" tab.

Watch the video below for more detailed playlist instructions.

NOTE: this video describes making personal playlists, but except for the login method and folder naming scheme, this process is identical to making course playlists.

Editing Existing Playlists