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Linking to SU Libraries' Online Resources

Learn how to create permanent, sharable, and proxy-friendly links to SU Libraries' online resources

Alexander Street Press Overview

Alexander Street Press provides streaming audio collections spanning a wide range of genres and time periods. Classical Music Library has Western classical music, Jazz Music Library covers jazz and blues, Smithsonian Global Sound and Contemporary World Music both cover modern, popular, traditional, and ethnic genres from around the world, and American Song provides a mix of American immigrant, folk, country, rhythm & blues, and other popular genres.

Members of the SU community can search Alexander Street Press - Music and Performing Arts Collections and listen to tracks using SU Libraries' subscription.  Additionally, users can register with Alexander Street Press for a playlist login to create playlists for personal use or to share with the entire SU community.

bookmarkable link to database:

Creating a Playlist Account

To create playlists for either personal use or to share for a course, first create a playlist login for Alexander Street Press.

  1. Go to SU's Alexander Street Press portal (login with your SU NetID if off-campus)
  2. Click on "Sign In" in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Click on "Create new account," then fill in required fields.
  4. Start using your Alexander Street Press playlist login.  No confirmation is required.

User Account screen in Alexander Street Press

Creating Personal & Course Playlists

When creating playlists for courses or that will be viewable by everyone at SU, please use the naming conventions described in our Alexander Street Press playlist best practices document.

Permalinks & Proxy with Alexander Street Press

Permalinks in Alexander Street Press are available for individual playlists, whole albums, whole works, and individual tracks. These permalinks can be bookmarked for use later, or they can be copied and pasted into course websites or other documents.

Look for the Embed icon embed icon, and this generates a link that is configured for on or off-campus use.

For more information on permalinks and proxy in general, see Permalinks & Proxy

Alexander Street Press screen shot