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Syracuse University Libraries

Linking to SU Libraries' Online Resources

Learn how to create permanent, sharable, and proxy-friendly links to SU Libraries' online resources

Linking to Individual Ebooks

SU Libraries offers a wide variety of scholarly monographs, professional and general reference books that students and faculty can access online.  Methods for deep linking to individual ebook titles vary across different publisher collections.  Some collections (Ebsco's eBook Collection, for example) offer title level permalinks which include a proxy prefix specific to SU.  If permalinks in an ebook package do not include a proxy prefix (as is the case for ProQuest eBooks) one can add that prefix manually.  Other ebook collections (Sage Knowledge or Oxford Handbooks Online) offer Digital Object Identifier (DOI) links that work well after one adds SU's proxy prefix manually to those DOI URLs.  When in doubt, the Library's Classic Catalog item records for specific ebook titles support permalinking as well.  Classic Catalog persistent links tend to be very stable.  And lastly, ebook search results in the Library's SUMMON search engine also offer permanent links at title level.


Here are several examples:

An Ebsco ebook where if one clicks on the permalink icon at the right margin, a durable link is generated that includes SU's proxy prefix

Sample Ebsco ebook collection book title item record

A ProQuest ebook where if one clicks on the "share link to book" icon at the left margin, a link is generated that lacks SU's proxy prefix.  In the example below, one would then need to add SU's proxy prefix [ ] to the book's URL - resulting in this permalink, a link that will work either on-campus or off-campus -

item record for a book in the Proquest ebook central collection


A scholarly reference book from the ebook collection known as Sage Knowledge.  In this case a Digital Object Indentifier (DOI) is provided.  When an ebook item record (or any resource) provides a DOI, you will want to:

1. Insure the URL for DOI includes the phrase [the example encyclopedia below does include that].  If you have a DOI that lacks that URL phrase, add it prior to the DOI number  AND

2. Prior to add SU's proxy prefix - so that access to the book will be possible from either on-campus or off-campus for all SU NETID holding students, staff or faculty

3. The complete permalink for this encyclopedia's DOI - would look like this:


an ebook item record for an environmental science encyclopedia in the sage knowledge database

An alternative reliable approach to permalink into a specific ebook title is to use the Library's Classic Catalog item record page for that book title.  With the example title below on quantum theory one can either copy the URL that is labeled "persistent link," or alternatively, one can copy the URL associated with the link adjacent to the "get it" symbol, which is labeled "electronic resource."

classic catalog item record for the book title, nature loves to hide. quantum physics and reality, a western perspective

Lastly, item records for ebooks listed within search results lists in the Library's SUMMON search engine also offer a permanent link option.  The sample search result list below on the topic of "supply chain management," includes additional refinements (the options for same are located at left margin of SUMMON search results), in this case, limiting results to the content type called "book/ebook," "full text online" (which excludes physical books), and titles published during the past three years.  In the specific example below for Ozlem Bak's 2018 ebook entitled, E-business and supply chain integration: Strategies and case studies from industry, clicking on the link icon adjacent to that title brings up a permanent link one can copy and embed.

summon search result for ebooks on the topic of supply chain management