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Syracuse University Libraries

Linking to SU Libraries' Online Resources

Learn how to create permanent, sharable, and proxy-friendly links to SU Libraries' online resources

Journal Articles

This example fits situations where faculty would like to guide students to individual articles, permalinked for access on-campus or off-campus

Using a permalinked URL will directly link students to an article(s) in a database, bypassing the need to manually search for those sources.

1. From within a licensed database containing the article, locate the link.  Within the item record for an article of interest that contains its bibliographic information, abstract and citation (not from the PDF of the article itself), look for terms like Document URL, Permalink, Copy Link, Persistent URL, Durable URL. etc.  Some database vendors get very creative. Use the library’s “Ask Us” service or contact a subject librarian if you have trouble locating the link; permalinks are not available for all articles in all databases.  If article/item level permalinking is not available, consider linking to relevant databases containing those sources.

a. Here’s an example of article level permalinking from ProQuest Database

Document URL:

Entrepreneurial university:  a case study at Stony Brook University - article abstract in ProQuest

b. In ProQuest scroll thru the abstract page to locate, and copy, the document URL for this article (NOTE:Other databases may place their permalink URLs in other locations)

Example of a document URL from an article level ProQuest search result

2. Add the proxy prefix (unless the URL for an article shows it already )

a. In other words, if the link you just copied does not start with:   you need to add it at the beginning of the document URL.

3. Paste that combined link, inclusive of the proxy prefix and the document URL into your course management system or course website

a. the full proxied permalink for the article from this ProQuest database example would look like this: