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Neuroscience: Journals

This guide is meant to provide resources for exploring and researching the topic of neuroscience from different perspectives. Check out the tabs to the right of the Getting Started tab for different sources and strategies for your research.

Journal Rankings

Browse subject lists of high impact titles in the Journal Citation Reports database:

Nature Reviews Neuroscience

Ranked #1 in Neurosciences


Behavioral and Brain Sciences

Ranked #2 in Neurosciences


Trends in Cognitive Sciences

Ranked #3 in Neurosciences

Journal Locator

The SU Libraries currently provides access to over 4,000 e-journals in all areas of Science and Engineering. Use our journal locator to browse subject categories or search for specific titles.

Hints for Using Journal Locator Search Tool

When searching for journals, pay attention to the list of journals that the searching tool generates as it often brings up journals in subfields of the main topic that can be explored for further research. For instance, this search on the term "brain" brought back 37 entries.

Screenshot of a search for 'brain' on journal locator