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Syracuse University Libraries

Music Performance and Pedagogy: Voice: Browse Stacks by Call Number

Guide to LC Classification

M - Scores

  • M1495 Miscellaneous collections (secular & sacred)


  • M1500 Operas/musicals (full)
  • M1503 Operas/musicals (piano/vocal)
  • M1507 Operas/musicals, anthologies
  • M1508 Operas/musicals (show selections)
  • M1528-29 Duets, trios, etc. for voice
  • M1613 Voice with orchestra (full)
  • M1614 Voice with orchestra (piano/vocal)
  • M1619 Collections, multiple composers
  • M1619.5 Collections, one poet
  • M1620 Collections, one composer
  • M1621 Separate works
  • M1621.4 Song cycles
  • M1623 Songs with one instrument (not piano)
  • M1630.18 Popular music collections


  • M1669-70 Spirituals
  • M2000 Oratorios (full scores)
  • M2003 Oratorios (piano/vocal)
  • M2110 Anthologies
  • M2112 Collections, one composer
  • M2113 Separate songs
  • M2113.4 Song cycles
  • M2117 Hymnals

Guide to LC Classification

ML - Music Literature

  • ML49-54 Librettos and translations
  • ML50 Operas (full)
  • ML54.6 Song texts, collections
  • ML128 Bibliographies
    • .C48 Choral music
    • .M78 Musical theater
    • .O4 Operas
    • .O45 Oratorios
    • .S3 Songs
    • .V7 Vocal music (general)
  • ML410 Composer biographies
  • ML420 Performer biographies
  • ML1700+ Opera history
  • ML2800+ Songs history

MT - Instruction and Study

  • MT110-121 Interpretation & analysis
  • MT820-845 Vocal technique, pedagogy
  • MT872 & 883 Diction
  • MT885 Collections of vocalizes
  • MT892 Interpretation & performance
  • MT995+ Stage production

Q-R - Vocal Physiology

class Q-Z are at Carnegie Library

  • QP121 Physiology. Respiration
  • QP306 Physiology. Vocal tract
  • RF460-547 Laryngology. Diseases of the throat