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MAR 356 - Marketing Research (2017): Articles and News

Course guide for MAR 356 Section M004


Searching for articles in business trade magazines, national and regional press and academic journals are an invaluable way to find information on your topics. Many of our databases index articles from business publishers and authors, and are available in full-text to students though SU Libraries' subscriptions. Most if not all are even available to you from off-campus.

In the event you find an article abstract interesting, without the full-text article attached to it, please click SU Links and follow the bread crumbs to your article, or take a look at the tutorial on this page as a guide.

Happy Searching!

Business & Advertising Databases

The following databases will help you search for articles in academic/scholarly journals, business magazines, trade press and newspapers. This is a subset of our full list of databases.

Market Share Reporter

Market Share Reporter (Gale Research)

Presents market share data on over four thousand companies, and 2,500 products, facilities and brands. Several entries are usually available in each industry.

Call Number: HF 5410 M35

Local Market Audience Analyst

In the words of publisher, SRDS provides market analysis of potential local, regional and national audiences. Use the section of SRDS called "Local Market Audience Analyst" to obtain data compiled from more than 15 million households. Access to demographic, lifestyle and consumer segment profiles help you locate your best prospects. You can identify where certain consumers live and how they spend their money and free time. This one source integrates all the data you need and is cross-referenced so you can find your ideal market easily. Print versions of 1993 - 2008 historical back issues are shelved under the title, "Lifestyle Market Analyst."

Call Number: HF 5415.33 U6 L54.