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Research Tools for Historic Sound Recordings

Find Lyrics -- Historic Popular Music Scores & Lyrics Sheets

Lyrics posted on the web may not give the whole story! Find digitized sheet music of popular songs published in the 19th and early 20th centuries for more insight.

Use SUMMON to Find Liner Notes at SU Libraries!

Recordings for your class were originally released on cylinder, 78rpm record, or other older formats, and back then, they did not include liner notes. However, old works can be re-recorded with other artists, or can be re-released in more modern formats (like CD or LP), which do have liner notes. 

Search SUMMON for re-releases of your recording, or other recordings by the same artist, to read liner notes.

Search in Summon screenshot

SUMMON Search Tips:

  1. Enter your artist name in quotation marks. example:"Florence Foster Jenkins
  2. optionally also search for your song title in quotation marks. example: "Florence foster Jenkins" "bell song"
  3. Refine your search on the left of the results. Under content type, choose "music recording." note: you may have to click "more" Browse the results, using the call numbers and the icons to pick out CDs, LPs or streaming
Type Icon Call # example Location Liner Notes?
CDs Summon recording icon Compact Disc 12345 request at Bird 3rd floor service desk Yes
LPs Summon recording icon M 1507 .B72 Shelved on Bird 4th floor Sometimes
Streaming Online icon Available online    Your computer Sometimes
Cylinders, 78s, etc. Summon recording icon
Belfer Audio Archive No

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