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Van Gogh HNR 340: Writing About Art

Art Terminology

Key Art Terms for Beginners - N34.Y46 1995 Fine Art Ref

The Oxford Dictionary of Art - N33.O93 1997 Fine Art ref

The Tate Guide to Modern Terms - N34.W55 2008 Fine Art Ref

Prints, Drawings and Watercolours, a guide to technical terms - N33.G65 1988 Fine Art Ref

Oxford Concise Dictionary of Art Terms - N33.C53 2001 Fine Art Ref

Illustrated Dictionary of Art Terms - N33.R49 1984 Fine Art Ref

Critical Thinking

Critical Reasoning, a practical introduction - B809.2T48 2002

Critical Thinking, a concise guide - B809.2.B69 2002

Writing About Art

Art is the Signature of Civilization - Beverly Sills 

Always keep in mind who your audience is.

A Short Guide to Writing About Art - N7476 B37 2008

About Modern Art- N6490 S895 2001

Anxious Object-N6490 R59 1973

Art Criticism and Education-N7476 W63 1997

Beyond Piety, Essays On the Visual Arts- N7445.2 G45 1995

Clement Greenberg- LAC N7483 G73 K87 Criticizing Art- LAC N7476 B38 1994

Nothing If Not Critical –N7445.2 H83 1998

Provocations- N7475 C67 1996

The Critic Sees - N7475 G5 1993

Understanding Art Objects -N7477.U53 2009

Art and the Human Adventure - N7483.M27.A45 2009

Writing Art History, Disciplinary Departures - N7480.I84 2010

Citation style guides

How to write a good paper

Subject Guide

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