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IST 678: Communication for Information Professionals: Citing Business Databases APA

Take note!

Take note!  The examples below are only guidelines, not necessarily the definitive way to cite these sources.  Your professor may suggest a different way to cite a source.  The examples below are based on the Purdue OWL Citing Electronic Sources in APA guidelines.

How to Cite Information from Business Insights: Essentials

To cite sources from Business Insights: Essentials, this guide from Pellissippe State Community College Libraries offers detailed information on citing company profiles, SWOT Analysis and other resources in APA.

Business Sources Citing Guide

How to Cite from Mergent Intellect

Below are examples for citing sources from Mergent Intellect in APA

In most cases you will use the following information may be used to cite Mergent Intellect sources, depending on what is available.

Author’s name
Date of publication (if there is no date, use “n.d.”)
Title of document (in italics)
A URL that will take readers directly to the source
Give your date of access only if the source itself has no date.


Apple Inc. (2015, October 30). Form 10-K. Retrieved from Mergent Intellect database.

Mergent Inc. (n.d.). Apple, Inc.: Business segments. Retrieved May 15, 2016, from Mergent Intellect database.

Mergent Inc. (n.d.) Apple, Inc.: Financial details report. Retrieved January 12, 2016, from Mergent Intellect database.

Mergent Inc. (2015, February 28). McDonald's Corp.: Ford Equity research report. Retrieved from Mergent Intellect database.

Mergent Inc. (n.d.). Microsoft Corporation: Full company report. Retrieved March 13, 2016, from Mergent Intellect database.

How to Cite MarketLine Reports and Case Studies in APA

 Citing MarketLine Reports in APA

General Format:

MarketLine. (year, month day) Title: Company profile. Retrieved MarketLine Advantage database.

In text citation….(Marketline, year)

Note: If you are referencing two (or more) reports from Marketline  with the same year then you could differentiate between the two by adding lower case letters (a,b,c) after the year of publication. 

Two examples in APA style - a company report and a case study

MarketLine. (2013, November 15). China Telecom Corporation Limited: Company profile. Retrieved from MarketLine Advantage database.

MarketLine. (2014, August 29). Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.: Is the SmartThings acquisition a smart thing? Case study. Retrieved September 5, 2014 from MarketLine Advantage database.

MarketLine Company Profile retrieved from the Business Source Elite database:

MarketLine. (2016, August 5). Facebook Inc.: Company Profile. Retrieved from Business Source Elite database.

How to Cite from eMarketer

Citing eMarketer Interview in APA

General Format

Last name, Initial (Interviewee, year, month day). Title [Interview transcript]. Retrieved from database or URL.

In text citation:  (Author last name, year)

Salmons, D. (Interviewee, 2015, July 27). Marketing in the UK: Customer engagement key to mobile payments success [Interview transcript].  Retrieved from eMarketer database.

APA Style Guide from Purdue OWL