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Mendeley: Create a Bibliography

How to Create a Bibliography

Create a Bibliography

Creating a bibliography is done in Mendeley Desktop

First select your citation style:  From the Mendeley Desktop Toolbar, select View >> Citation Style.  Select your style or click on More Styles. 

Here are two methods to create a bibliography:

  1. Select the references in Mendeley Desktop and right click.  Select Copy, then select Formatted Citation.  Paste the citations into Word.
  1. Drag and drop your references from Mendeley Desktop to Word.


How to add more citation styles to your installed styles

  1. In Mendeley Desktop use the View pull down menu from the Mendeley toolbar.
  2. Select on Citation Styles and then click on more styles.
  3. In the pop-up window you will see your installed styles
  4. Click on the Get More Styles tab
  5. Search for the style you want in the search box.
  6. Select the style and click on download.
  7. Go back to the Installed tab.  Select the new style and click on Use this style to add it to your installed styles.

Read and Annotate your PDFs

You can edit PDFs that have been added to your Mendeley Library. You can do this by double clicking to open the file in a separate tab within Mendeley Desktop. You now have the option to:

  • Highlight text in multiple colors
  • Add sticky notes to specific locations
  • Make document-wide notes
  • Search within Text

Citation Help

The Citation Managers Team is here to answer your questions provide instruction in your classroom or one-on-one assitance. Email us at