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Mendeley: Collaborate

Basic vs Institutional Versions of Mendeley

SU has the basic Mendeley plan. With the basic Mendeley plan, you may have only 5 private groups of no more than 25 members and limited storage space for group resources.

Mendeley Groups

Mendeley's Groups feature is available via both Mendeley Desktop and Mendeley Web. There are three types of groups.

Private groups

Share documents and citations with others by inviting them to participate in the group. With the basic Mendeley plan we may have only 5 private groups of no more than 25 members and limited (100 MB) storage space for group resources. These private groups are visible only to members, who can share papers and notes.

Public groups that are invite-only

These publicly visible groups have a restricted membership list, which is controlled by the group's owners. You can upload PDFs, but they will only be available to others if they have access through their own institutions (or if they are Open Access articles).

Public groups that are open

These are publicly visible and everyone can contribute citations.

Create Your Profile (2 minutes)

Documents in Groups

You can view the documents of a group by going to the Documents tab.  To Add Documents, go to the group and click on "Add documents" in the top bar, or you can simply drag and drop them to the group.

To download the PDFs that other group members attach to a group, go to "Edit Settings" and tick "Download attached files to group."   Note:  attached PDF files can only be shared in Private Groups, not in Public Groups.

To upload your group with all its settings to Mendeley Web, hit the "Sync" button.

Mendeley Groups


Citation Help

The Citation Managers Team is here to answer your questions provide instruction in your classroom or one-on-one assitance. Email us at

Creating Groups

Groups are a simple way for you to collaborate with your colleagues and share a collection of documents.  Any member of a group may upload documents to it.  

You can create 1 private group with a maximum of 3 users per group. Paid options allow you to increase these limits. You can create a group by clicking on "Create Group" in the left hand pane.