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Syracuse University Libraries

Mendeley: Organize


You can create collections to organize your documents in whatever groupings make sense to you. Documents can be in more than one collection. By default, Mendeley has these folders:

  • All Documents
  • Recently Added
  • Favorites
  • Needs Review
  • My Publications
  • Unsorted

In Mendeley Desktop use the folder icon on the toolbar to create new folders.  In Mendeley Web click on +Create Folder in the left column.

Tagging and Filtering

Add tags to the record for each article to help you find articles within your library.  You may filter your results by Tags as well as by Authors, Publications, and Keywords.  The Filter is located in the lower left column.

Organizing Your Library (3 minutes)


The OpenURL Link can be enabled to connect to SULinks to find the full-text reference. SULinks provides links from a citation to the full text of that article, if available. The OpenURL path must be enabled in Mendeley preferences/options.

In the Preferences/Options, look at the Connection tab.

  • OpenURL Path:
  • Authenticate with URL:

Then select the URLs & Links preferences

In the Arguments: box leave all of the information in the box except for one change at the beginning of the information. Replace ?sid=ISI:WOS with ?sid=ISI:endnote in "?sid=ISI:WOS&..."

Save the changes to your preferences.

Citation Help

The Citation Managers Team is here to answer your questions provide instruction in your classroom or one-on-one assitance. Email us at