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Mendeley: Collect

Adding PDFs to your Mendeley Library

The easiest way to add papers to Mendeley is to drag and drop PDFs from your files.  You may also use the Add Files option and select one or more PDFs from your files.  Mendeley will attempt to extract metadata from the PDF to create a citation – author, title, year, volume, etc.

1. Drag and Drop PDFs

Drag PDF from your desktop or folder on your computer to the center pane of Mendeley Desktop or Mendeley Web.   

2. Use the Add Files icon on the toolbar in Mendeley Desktop or in Mendeley Web

Click the Add Files icon and select the file(s) from your computer.  You can add PDF, RIS, and BibTex files.

Mac:      Mendeley toolbar on a Mac with Add Files circled                                                    

Windows:       Mendeley toolbar in Windows with Add Files circled                                                                         

Mendeley Web  Add Files in Mendeley Web


Importing Documents (2 minues)

How to Remove Duplicate Documents in Mendeley Desktop (1 minute)

How to Merge Author Names

Citation Help

The Citation Managers Team is here to answer your questions provide instruction in your classroom or one-on-one assitance. Email us at

Web Importer

You can also use the web importer browser extension to add papers to your Mendeley account.  This tool is not supported by every database or journal collection. Sometimes it will work with a list of results and other times it may work with a single article.

  1. Install web importer browser extension
  2. Search library databases for literature

Watch Folder

Creating a Watched Folder. When a PDF (or mutiple PDFs) are dropped into a Watched Folder, Mendeley will automatically ingest them. Set up the Watched folder in the Options (PC) or Preferences (Mac) menu item.