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Syracuse University Libraries

Zotero: Organize


This is the most basic way to organize your library.  Collections are like folders and items in your library can live in as many collections as you like.  Use this button to add collections to your library:


More on collections from Zotero.


Tagging is an easy way to categorize items by attaching descriptive words to them. You can tag your information with whatever relevant keyword or term you would like associated with that given item. These tags allow you to sift through your information in a personal way, by the categories that you deem relevant.

To add a tag to an item simply select the tags tab tabs in the right column and hit the add button.

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Attach Files

Zotero can make files available to users in two ways: by storing a copy or by linking to them. Storing a copy will add that file to the Zotero data directory, separate from the original file. Linking will simply refer to the original file without creating a copy or changing its location. Stored files will be included with any file sync, while linked files will remain only links. Any type of file can be added to the Zotero library, either on its own or associated with another item.

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Related Items

The Related tab allows you to associate a given record in a library with any other item, whether or not they are in the same collection. Within the Related tab simply click on the Add button, a pop-up screen will show your libraries, pick any item within the same library then click OK.  Your items are now related.  Some uses for related items are:

  • connecting book chapters to their parent volume
  • connecting book reviews to the book reviewed
  • connecting different versions of a work (e.g., connecting a lecture that eventually became an article that eventually became a book)
  • or anything else that helps you organize your research

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Locating Items in the Library

This button library locate button uses a technology called OpenURL to try and find a Zotero item at your local library (either in its physical collection or in one of the full-text databases that your library subscribes to).  To set up to Zotero to work with items at the SU library, add our OpenULR to your advanced preferences: