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Library Research Skills: Finding Quantitative Research

Finding Research Articles using Quantitative Statistical Methods

Finding Research Using a T-Test or a Chi Square Test

To look for articles specifically including the t-test or Chi Square test,  use the search term  t-test or chi square  in the Subject Terms field.  Otherwise you will get many non-relevant hits.  Please click on search box image below.  Narrow your results with additional search words or from the options in the left column.

Search box for t-test

The same thing should work for other statistical tests, e.g. Chi Squared Test.   The students would then add keywords related to their own research to the search fields.


Searching Statistical Analysis Terminology

More general terms would include Statistical Analysis or Statistical Inference and more specific terms as listed in the right column.  Search these terms in the Subject Field.  Please click on search box image below.

Search box for regression (statistics)


Quantitative Research in Dissertations

Another source of research using quantitative research may be found in dissertations. 

Dissertation and Thesis Full-Text

Dissertations & Theses @ Syracuse University

Selected Library eBook Collections

Selected Library EBooks Available

How to Search for Quantative Research Articles

To find articles in  ERIC  click on the advanced search tab. Use the phrase "quantitative research"  as one of your search terms.

Related terms that may be searched:  

Bayesian statistics


Effect size

Error of measurement

Factor analysis

Goodness of fit

Hypothesis testing

Item analysis

Least squares

Monte Carlo Methods

Maximum likelihood

Multivariate analysis

Regression (statistics)

Robustness (statistics)

Statistical analysis

Statistical inference

Statistical significance

Hypothesis testing

Markov processes

Also the following may be use, but not restricted to Subject Terms

Experimental design, design of experiments, statistical design, or research design

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