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Syracuse University Libraries

Religion: The Islamic Tradition


Research Databases

The Prophet Muhammad

Andrae, Tor. Mohammed, the man and his faith.

Bird-2nd Floor - BP75 .A57 2000


The birth of the prophet Muḥammad : devotional piety in Sunni Islam.

Bird-2nd Floor BP186.34 .K39 2007


Margoliouth, D.S. Mohammed and the rise of Islam.

Bird-2nd Floor - BP75 .M3


Narayan, B. K.  Mohammed the Prophet of Islam : a flame in the desert.

Bird-2nd Floor - BP75 .N28


Rubin, Uri. The Life of Muḥammad.

Bird-2nd Floor - BP75 .L53 1998


Key Themes in the Qur'an

Afzal-ur-Rehman  Subject index of the Holy Quran
Bird 2nd floor / BP 133 A33 1987

Bennett, Clinton Interpreting the Qur'an : a guide for the uninitiated 
Bird -2nd floor - BP130 .B42 2010

Akhtar, Shabbir The Quran and the secular mind: a philosophy of Islam
Bird- 2nd Floor BP130.74 A34 2008 

Haleem, Muhammad  Understanding the Qur’an: themes and style
Bird 2nd floor- BP 130 .A23 1999

Kassis, Hanna  A concordance of Qur’an
Bird 2nd Floor – BP 133 K37 1983

Khalidi, Tarif The Qur’an: a new translation
Bird 2nd Floor- BP109 2008

Lawrence, Bruce The Qu’ran: a biography
Bird – 2nd Floor – BP130 .74 L 39 2006

Leaman, Oliver The Qur’an: an encyclopedia
Bird Reference, 2nd floor (does not circulate) – BP133 .Q87 2006

Mattson, Ingrid The story of the Qurʾan : its history and place in Muslim life
Bird- 2nd floor – BP132. M39 2008

Rippin, Andrew The Blackwell companion to the Quran
Bird 2nd floor- BP130 .4 .B57 2006

Rippin, Andrew The Qur’an, style and contents
Bird 5th floor – PJ6696 .Q73 2001

 Wagner, Walter H Opening the Qur’an: introducing Islam’s holy book
Bird 2nd Floor - BP 130.4 .W24 2008

 Yusef, Abdullah  The Qur’an (electronic resource): translation
Available via internet – BP 109 2003

Sunni, Shi'a, and Sufi


The birth of the prophet Muḥammad : devotional piety in Sunni Islam.
Bird-2nd Floor BP186.34 .K39 2007

Gerecht, Reuel Marc. The Islamic paradox : Shiite clerics, Sunni fundamentalists, and coming of Arab democracy.
Bird-2nd Floor DS62.8 .G456 2004

Hallaq, Wael B. A history of Islamic legal theories: an introduction to Sunnī uṣūl al-fiqh.
Bird-2nd Floor BP144 .H24 1997

Halverson, Jeffr R. Theology and creed in Sunni Islam : the Muslim Brotherhood, Ash'arism, and political Sunnism.
Bird-2nd Floor BP166 .H2267 2010

Pas˛a, Ahmet Cevdet. The Sunni path.
Bird-2nd Floor BP166 .I7213 1988

Rogerson, Barnaby. The heirs of Muhammad : Islam's first century and the origins of the Sunni-Shia split.
Bird-2nd Floor BP55 .R635 2007

Stewart, Devin J. Islamic legal orthodoxy : twelver Shiite responses to the Sunni legal system.
Bird-2nd Floor BP144 .S738 1998

Tabbaa, Yasser. The transformation of Islamic art during the Sunni revival.
Bird-4th Floor NA3573 .T33 2001


Brunner, Rainer and Werner Ende. The Twelver Shia in modern times : religious culture & political culture
Bird-2nd Floor BP193 .T85 2001

Husain, Syed Kamil. Social institutions of Shia Muslims : an anthropological analysis.
Bird-2nd Floor BP194.2 .H87 1998

Halm, Heinz. Shi'a Islam : from religion to revolution.
Bird-2nd Floor BP192 .H3513 1997

Jafri, Husain M. Origins and early development of Shi'a Islam.
Bird-2nd Floor BP192.4 .J33

Journal of Shi'a Islamic Studies [electronic resource]
Wilson OmniFile FT Mega Edition

Kohlberg, Etan. Shī'ism.
Bird-2nd Floor BP193.5 .S516 2003


Akbarnia, Ladan and Francesca Leoni. Light of the Sufis : the mystical arts of Islam.
Bird-4th Floor N6263.H68 M873 2010

Anṣārī,ʻAlī.Sufism and beyond : Sufi thoughtin the light of late 20th centuryscience.
Bird-2nd FloorBP189 .A67 2000

Ansari, Sarah F. D. Sufi saints and state power : the pirs of Sind, 1843-1947.
Bird-2nd Floor DS392.S58 A57 1992

Ardalan, Nader and Laleh Bakhtiar. The sense of unity : the Sufi tradition in Persian architecture.
Architecture Reading Room, Slocum Hall NA1483 .A67

Bahadur, Krishna Prakash. Sufi mysticism.
Bird-2nd Floor BP189.65.M9 B2 1999

Bakhtiar,Laleh.Sufi : expressions of the mysticquest.
Bird-2nd Floor BP189.3 .B34

Bhatnagar, R.S.,Dimensions of classical Ṣūfīthought.
Bird-2nd Floor BP188.6 .B48 1984

Burckhardt, Titus.An introduction to Sufidoctrine.
Bird-2nd Floor BP189 .B813 1976.

Early Islamic mysticism : Sufi, Qur'an, Miraj, poetic andtheological writings.
Bird-2nd Floor BP188.9 .E2 1996

Embodying charisma : modernity, locality, and performance of emotion in Sufi cults.
Bird-2nd Floor BP189.23 .E45 1998

Falconar, A. E. I. Sufi literature and the journey to immortality.
Bird-5th Floor PJ819.S9 F34 1991

Gajwani, S. L. A Sufi galaxy : Sufi Qalandar Hazrat Sai Qutub Ali Shah, his spiritual successors, and select disciples : Sufi saints of the present times.
Bird-2nd Floor BP188.8.I4 G35 2000

Karamustafa, Ahmet T. Sufism : the formative period.
Bird-2nd Floor BP188.5 .K37 2007

Liebeskind, Claudia. Piety on its knees : three Sufi traditions in South Asia in modern times.
Bird-2nd Floor BP188.8.I4 L54 1998

Moinuddin, Abu Abdullah Ghulam. The book of Sufi healing.
Bird-2nd Floor BP189.65.F35 M65 1991

Netton, IanRichard.Ṣūfī ritual : the paralleluniverse.
Bird-2nd FloorBP189.58 .N48 2000

Sands, Kristin Zahra. Ṣūfī commentaries on the Qur'ān in classical Islam.
Bird-2nd Floor BP130.4 .S337 2006

Stepani︠a︡nt︠s︡, Mariėtta Tigranovna. Sufi wisdom.
Bird-2nd Floor BP189.3 .S7413 1994

Trimingham, John Spencer. The Sufi orders in Islam.
Bird-2nd Floor BP189 .T7 1973

Werbner, Pnina. Pilgrims of love : the anthropology of a global Sufi cult.
Bird-2nd Floor BP189.585 .W47 2003


Sunnah and Shariah in Everyday Life


 Bhala, Raj, Understanding Islamic law : Sharīʻa 
            Law Library - Reserves   KBP144 .U525 2011        

 Shah, Syed Yaqub, Islamic jurisprudence, in the light of Quran and Sunnah 
            Law Library - Floor 2      BP144 .Y37 1971   


Shourie, Arun, The world of fatwas, or, The shariah in action 
            Bird-2nd Floor   BP169 .S54 1995                 

Ḵẖāṉ, Vaḥīduddīn, Woman in Islamic Shari'ah
            Bird-2nd Floor   BP173.4 .K42 1995             




Ritual and Devotional Practices


Aghaie, Kamran Scot, ed. The women of Karbala : ritual performance and symbolic discourses in modern Shi’i Islam.
               Bird-2nd Floor - BP194.4 .W66 2005

Ahmad, Imtiaz, ed. Ritual and religion among Muslims in India.
               Bird-2nd Floor - BP63.I4 R48 1981

The birth of the prophet Muḥammad : devotional piety in Sunni Islam.
               Bird-2nd Floor BP186.34 .K39 2007

Steadman, Sharon R. The archaeology of religion : cultures and their beliefs in worldwide context.
               Bird-2nd Floor - BL65.A72 S74 2009

Wheeler, Brannon. Mecca and Eden : ritual, relics, and territory in Islam.
               Bird-2nd Floor - BP186.97 .W48 2006

Calligraphy as Sacred Art


Baker, Colin F.  Qur'an manuscripts : calligraphy, illumination, design
            Bird-5th Floor – ND2955 .B35 2007

Blair, Sheila  Islamic calligraphy
            Bird-5th Floor - NK3636.5.A2 B53 2007

Bray, Julia, ed. Writing and representation in medieval Islam: Muslim horizons.
             Bird-5th Floor - PJ7535 .W75 2006

Bürgel , Johann Chrisoph  The feather of Simurgh : the "licit magic" of the arts in medieval Islam
            Bird-2nd Floor – BP190.5.M25 B87 1988

Khatibi,  Abdehkebir and Mohammed Sijelmassi  The splendor of Islamic calligraphy
            Bird-5th Floor – NK 3636 .5 A2 K4613 1996

Lings, Martin  Splendours of Qur'an calligraphy and illumination
            Bird-5th Floor, NK3633.A2 L56 2005

McWilliams, Mary and David Roxburgh  Traces of the calligrapher : Islamic calligraphy in practice, c. 1600-1900

Bird-5th Floor – NK3636.5.A2 M39 2007 


Siddiqui, Atiq  The story of Islamic calligraphy

Bird-5th Floor – NK3636.5.A2 S53 1990


Schimmel, Annemarie  Calligraphy and Islamic culture

Bird-5th Floor - NK3636.5.A2 S34 1984 


Ziauddin, M  A monograph on Moslem calligraphy : with 163 illustrations of its various styles and ornamental designs

Bird-5th Floor - NK3636.5 .Z52 1979


Women in Scripture and Society

Aghaie, Kamran Scot, ed. The women of Karbala : ritual performance and symbolic discourses in modern Shi’i Islam.

Bird-2nd Floor - BP194.4 .W66 2005


Ahmed, Leila.Women and gender in Islam :historical roots of a modern debate.

Bird-4th Floor - HQ1784.A67 1992


Ali, Ayaan Hirsi. The caged virgin: an emancipation proclamation for women and Islam.

Bird-2nd Floor – BP173.4 .H5813 2006


Ali, Wijdan. Modern Islamic art :development and continuity.

Bird-4th Floor - N7265.A43 1997


Atil, Esin. Renaissance of Islam :art of the Mamluks.

Bird-4th Floor - N7385.3.M35A84


Awde, Nicholas, ed. Women in Islam: an anthology from the Qurān and Ḥadīths.

Bird-2nd Floor - BP134.W6 W6 2000


Baer, Eva. Metalwork in medieval Islamic art.

Bird-5th Floor - NK6408.9.B3 1983


Bennett, Clinton. Muslim women of power: gender, politics, and culture in Islam.

Bird-4th Floor - HQ1236.5.I74 B46 2010


Blair, Sheila. The art and architecture of Islam 1250-1800.

Architecture Reading Room, Slocum Hall - N6260.B561994


Bloom, Jonathan. Early Islamic art and architecture.

Bird-4th Floor - N6260.E18 2002


Bloom, Jonathan M. Islamic arts.

Bird-4th Floor - N6260.B57 1997


Clevenot, Dominique. Decor et architecture de l'Islam.EnglishSplendors of Islam :architecture, decoration, and design.

Bird-4th Floor -NA380.C5713 2000


Dodds, Jerrilynn D. al-Andalus :the art of Islamic Spain.

Bird-4th Floor - N7103.A4 1992


Ettinghausen, Richard. Islamic art and architecture, 650-1250.

Bird-4th Floor - N6260.E79 2001


Falah, Ghazi-Walid and Caroline Nagel, eds.Geographies of Muslim women: gender, religion, and space.

Bird-4th Floor - HQ1170 .G44 2005


Fehérvári, Géza. Ceramics of the Islamic world :in the Tareq Rajab Museum.

Bird-5th Floor - NK3880.F44 2000


Freer Gallery of Art. Art of the Arab world : [catalogue of an exhibition].

Bird-4th Floor - N6263.W3F733 1975


Ginat, J. Women in Muslim rural society :status and role in family and community.

Bird-4th Floor - HQ1728.5.G56


Gonzalez, Valérie. Beauty and Islam :aesthetics in Islamic art and architecture.

Bird-4th Floor - N6260.G65 2001


Hafez, Sherine. An Islam of her own : reconsidering religion and secularism in women's Islamic movements.

Bird-2nd Floor - BP173.4 .H34 2011


Hekmat, Anwar. Women and the Koran : the status of women in Islam.

Bird-2nd Floor - BP134.W6 H45 1997


Idriss, Mohammad Mazher and Tahir Abbas, eds. Honour, violence, women and Islam.

Bird-4th Floor - HV6250.4.W65 H665 2010


Imran, Muhammad. Ideal woman in Islam.

Bird-4th Floor - HQ1170.I48


Irwin, Robert. Islamic art in context :art, architecture, and the literary world.

Bird-4th Floor - N6260.I75 1997


Joseph, Suad, et al., eds. Encyclopedia of women & Islamic cultures.

Bird-4th Floor - HQ1170 .E53 2003, vol. 1-6


Kassam, Zayn R., ed.Women and Islam.

Bird-2nd Floor - BP173.4 .W694 2010


Kausar, Kabir. Biographical dictionary of prominent Muslim ladies.

Bird-2nd Floor - BP73.K3 1982


Khan, Qamar-ud-Din. Status of women in Islam.

Bird-4th Floor - HQ1170.K453 1988


Kimball, Michelle R. Muslim women throughout the world :a bibliography.

Bird-4th Floor - HQ1170.K49 1997


Krivenko, Ekaterina Yahyaoui. Women, Islam and international law: within the context of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women.

Law Library - Floor 2


Mahmood, Saba. Politics of piety: the Islamic revival and the feminist subject.

Bird-4th Floor - HQ1785 .M34 2005


Mandel, Gabriele. Come riconoscere l'arte islamica.EnglishHow to recognize Islamic art.

Bird-4th Floor - N6260.M2813 1979


McGinty, Anna Mansson. Becoming Muslim: Western women's conversions to Islam.

Bird-2nd Floor - BP170.5.A1 M36 2006


Mernissi, Fatima. Vergessene Macht.English Women's rebellion & Islamic memory.

Bird-4th Floor - HQ1170.M4613 1996


Minai, Naila. Women in Islam :tradition and transition in the Middle East.

Bird-4th Floor - HQ1170.M55


Muqarnas = Muqarnas. (Periodical)

Older print in the Facility/JSTOR holdings 


Nashat, Guity and Lois Beck, eds. Women in Iran from the rise of Islam to 1800.

Bird-4th Floor - HQ1735.2 .W656 2003


Nasr, Seyyed Hossein. Islamic art and spirituality.

Bird-5th Floor - NX688.A4N37 1987


Papadopoulo, Alexandre. Islam et l'art musulman. EnglishIslam and Muslim art.

Architecture Reading Room, Slocum Hall - N6260.P3613


Parveen Shaukat Ali. Status of women in the Muslim world :a study in the feminist movements, Turkey, Egypt, Iran, Algeria, and Pakistan.

Bird-4th Floor - HQ1726.5.P37 1986


Rām, Mālik. Woman in Islam.

Bird-4th Floor - HQ1147.I75M35


Ruth, ed. Women in Islam and the Middle East : a reader.

Bird-4th Floor - HQ1170 .W578 1999


Smith, Jane I. Women in contemporary Muslim societies.

Bird-4th Floor - HQ1170.W57


Smith, Margaret. Rābi'a the Mystic and her Fellow-Saints in Islam;being the life and teachings of Rabi'a al-'Adawiyya al-Qaysiyya of Basra, Sufi Saint, ca. A.H. 99-185, A.D. 717-801, together with some account of the place of the women in Islam.


Bird-2nd Floor - BP80.R3S6 1974

Stierlin, Henri. Islamic art and architecture :[from Isfahan to the Taj Mahal].


Bird 4th Floor - N6260.S75 2002

Tabari, Azar and Nahid Yeganeh.In the shadow of Islam :the women's movement in Iran.

Bird-4th Floor - HQ1735.2.I5 1982

Vreede-de Stuers, Cora. Parda.A study of Muslim women's life in northern India.

Bird-4th Floor - HQ1170.V7

Waddy, Charis. Women in Muslim history.

Bird-4th Floor - HQ1170.W26

Wadud, Amina. Inside the gender Jihad : women's reform in Islam.

Bird-2nd Floor - BL458 .W33 2006


Beyond borders [videorecording] : Arab feminists talk about their lives

Bird-4th Floor, Videos - Video DVD 14662

Women and Islam [videorecording] : Islam unveiled / Hardcash Productions, Channel Four Television Corporation ; written and presented by Samira Ahmed ; produced and directed by Ruhi Hamid

            Bird-4th Floor, Videos - Video DVD 14697 - disc 1 and 2