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Syracuse University Libraries

Middle Eastern Studies: Books

Reference books

Don't forget that all campus libraries have reference collections with scholarly encyclopedias, atlases, and other publications that may provide useful background information for your research.


There are a number of different collections on the SU Campus that may be useful for your research in Middle Eastern Studies.  To search for books and other sources within the SU Library catalog, try a subject headings search using some of the terms listed below, for example.   Also search the Library catalog's subject headings for individual countries such as Bahrain, or ethnic groups such as Pashtun or Uzbek.

  • Middle East
  • Arab Countries
  • Iraq War, 2003
  • United States Foreign Relations Middle East
  • Middle East Foreign Relations United States
  • specific Middle Eastern countries
  • social sciences topics
  • humanities topics
  • maps
  • government documents