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Musical Theater: News, Reviews, Journals

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On & Off Broadway & London news, shows, features

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Auditions, casting calls, news & reviews

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  • 2008-present, with 3-month lag
  • 1960-2001
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    Performance Reviews Online

    Performance Reviews in Journals & Magazines

    Both Performing Arts Periodicals Database and Music Periodicals Database  index performance reviews published in thousands of journals, magazines, and news sources in music, dance, theater and film. To search for performance reviews in either of these databases:

    1. Go to the advanced search.
    2. in a keyword search box at the top, enter the name of the show (e.g. "Sweeney Todd")
    3. Under Document type, click "Performance Review," "Performance Review-Favorable," "Performance Review-Mixed," or "Performance Review-Unfavorable." If relevant, use document type of "Dance review," "Music review,"  "Opera review," or "Recording review."