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Chemistry Resources: Journals

A guide to SU Library chemistry resources.

Journal Rankings

Browse subject lists of high impact titles in the Journal Citation Reports database:


Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry

Ranked #1 in Analytical Chemistry


Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis

Ranked #1 in Applied Chemistry


Coordination Chemistry Reviews

Ranked #1 in Inorganic & Nuclear Chemistry


Natural Product Reports

Ranked #1 in Medicinal Chemistry

Chemical Reviews

Ranked #1 in Multidisciplinary Chemistry

Advances in Organometallic Chemistry

Ranked #1 in Organic Chemistry


Nature Materials

Ranked #1 in Physical Chemistry

Journal Locator

The SU Libraries currently provides access to over 4,000 e-journals in all areas of Engineering and Computer Science. Use our journal locator to browse subject categories or search for specific titles.

Journal Abbreviations

Having trouble deciphering a journal abbreviation? Need to know how to abbreviate a particular title? Try the web-based version of CASSI (Chemical Abstracts Service Source Index) of the Science and Engineering Journal Abbreviations tool developed by the Woodward Library at UBC.

Impact Factors

For more information about journal impact factors and other citation metrics, use this guide:

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