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Syracuse University Libraries

European Studies: Reference Books in Print

A collection of SU Libraries' recommended research starting points in European Studies

A Selection of Reference Books in Print


Companion to the European Union
JN30.B613 2006
Bird-Reference, 2nd Floor (does not circulate)

Comparative European party systems
JN50 .S57 2000
Bird-Reference, 2nd Floor (does not circulate)

Constitutions of Europe
KJC4444.4 .C668 2004
Bird-Reference, 2nd Floor (does not circulate)

Democracy in Europe and the Americas
JC421 .D4634 1998
Bird-Reference, 2nd Floor (does not circulate)

The Dictionary of the European Union
KJE926.5 .P55 2002
Bird-Reference, 2nd Floor (does not circulate)

Encyclopedia of Eastern Europe : from the Congress of Vienna to the fall of communism
DJK6 .E53 2000
Bird-Reference, 2nd Floor (does not circulate)

European Communities, treaties and related instruments
KJE916 .E8 1972
Bird-Govt Info-Ref, 3rd Floor (does not circulate)

European political facts of the twentieth century
JN12 .C643 2001
Bird-Reference, 2nd Floor (does not circulate)

The European Union handbook
D1060 .E8685  2002
Bird-2nd Floor

Handbook of public administration and policy in the European Union
JN30.H36 2005
Bird-4th Floor

Historical dictionary of the European Union
JN15 .R75 2006
Bird-Reference, 2nd Floor (does not circulate)


Encyclopedia of European cinema
PN1993.5.E8 V56 1995
Bird-Reference, 2nd Floor (does not circulate)

Europe 1450 to 1789: encyclopedia of the early modern world
D209.E97 2004
Bird-Reference, 2nd Floor (does not circulate)

Europe on-screen : cinema and the teaching of history
D16.255.A8 C48 2001
Bird-2nd Floor

Handbook of Soviet and East European films and filmmakers
PN1993.5.R9 H28 1992
Bird-Reference, 2nd Floor (deos not circulate)

Historical dictionary of the Elizabethan world : Britain, Ireland, Europe, and America
DA357 .W34 1999
Bird-Reference, 2nd Floor (does not circulate)

International historical statistics : Europe, 1750-2005
HA1107 .M5 2007
Bird-Reference, 2nd Floor (does not circulate)

The Longman companion to Central and Eastern Europe since 1919
DJK38 .W43 2002
Bird-2nd Floor

One Europe, many nations : a historical dictionary of European national groups
D21.3 .M55 2000
Bird-Reference, 2nd Floor (does not circulate)

Peoples of the world. the culture, geographical setting, and historical background of 34 Eastern European peoples
DJK26 .M67 1993
Bird-2nd Floor

Reformation and early modern Europe: a guide to research
BR305.3.R42 2008
Bird--2nd Floor

Worldmark encyclopedia of cultures and daily life
GN333 .W67 1998
Bird-Reference, 2nd Floor (does not circulate)



Encyclopedia of the languages of Europe
P380 .E53 1998
Bird-Reference,2nd Floor (does not circulate)

A Manual of European Languages for Librarians
P 380 .A4 1999
Bird-Reference, 2nd Floor (does not circulate)

The Romance Languages
PC 43 .R6 1988
Bird-Reference, 2nd Floor (does not circulate)
Chapters on each Romance language, describing phonology, orthography, morphology, etc.




International Newspapers

International Newspapers

This list includes newspapers either published outside of the United States, or published for international communities within the U.S. The Library has current subscriptions to many of these newspapers and may have older issues of some titles. Please check the SU Libraries Classic Catalog for more information.  In addition - SU Libraries online databases also contain millions more pages of international newspaper content.

Presse (Vienna) in German

Czech Republic
Právo (Prague) in Czech

Financial Times (London) in English
Guardian (London) in English
Independent (London) in English
Observer (London) in English
Times (London) in English


Canard Enchâiné (Paris) in French
Figaro (Paris) in French
France Amérique (New York) in French
International Herald Tribune (Paris) in English
Monde (Paris) in French


Frankfurter Allgemeine (Frankfurt) in German
Süddeutsche Zeitung (Munich) in German
Zeit (Hamburg) in German


Pontiki (Athens) in Greek
Vema (Athens) in Greek


Corriere della Sera (Milan) in Italian
Stampa (Torino) in Italian


Izvestiia (Moscow) in Russian
Novoe Russkoe Slovo (New York) in Russian
Pravda (Moscow) in Russian
Slovo (Moscow) in Russian
Sovetskaia Rossiia (Moscow) in Russian


País (Madrid) in Spanish


Turkyie (Istanbul) in Turkish
Zaman (Istanbul) in Turkish

Archives of the European Movement

Foundations of Modern Europe-Series One: Archives of the European Movement

D1060 F68 1998 [microfiche]

Hundreds of documents from the early to mid 20th century "European Federalist Movement." Dated between 1940-1987, multiple European languages are represented in this collection, with correspondence to and from such notable individuals as Winston Churchill, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Jean Monnet, Paul Henri Spaak, Averill Harriman and William J. Fulbright. The originals of the collection reside at the European University Institute, Florence, Italy. These represent a broad historical cross-section of people and organizations linked to the advocacy of a more politically united European continent, an issue still quite timely today. {A gift to the SU Library Collection from Maxwell School of Public Affairs Political Science Professor, Craig Parsons, and Professor of History Emeritus, Peter T. Marsh}