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Syracuse University Libraries

Sociology: Statistical Sources

New York State, Onondaga County & Syracuse

New York State Facts

New York State Data Center

Onondaga County

City of Syracuse - has links to department contact numbers but, you may need to contact them personally for research assistance and/or data

Contact for help with Data Sources

For further help with these data sources contact:


Paul Bern
Statistical Consulting

John Olson
Maps/GIS Librarian

Custom Data Search

This Google Custom search engine performs a search on websites that have been evaluated for their usefulness in providing data and statistics. Results will open in a new window.



University Statistical Centers

Lewis Mumford Center
University at Albany
LMC was established at the UNIVERSITY AT ALBANY in 1988 to carry out urban research both comparative and historical in scope.(website)

Population Studies Center, Social Research Institute, University of Michigan
The University of Michigan's Population Studies Center (PSC) was established in 1961, originally as a unit within the Department of Sociology. PSC supports a large portfolio of both domestic and international research in several key areas of demographic research: 1) Family Formation, Fertility, and Children; 2) Human Capital, Labor and Wealth; 3) Health, Disability, and Mortality; 4) Population Dynamics; 5) Aging; 6) Methodology; and 7) Regional Studies.

S4, Spatial Structures in the Social Sciences
Brown University
S4 was formally established in 2003 to “make Brown a highly visible international center for research that investigates human behavior in its social and spatial context.” (website)